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Pro Audio

8 channel snake 100 feet.


12x2x2 snake

12 XLR

2 1/4 unbalanced

2 1/4 speaker



24x4 Splitter snake

100ft FOH

25ft Monitor


Proel Net12 powered speakers (pair)

$599.00 each

Clearance priced pair

$500.00 (Pair)

Horizon 12" monitors

Carpet covered

12" woofer with horn


Peavey PA system


Excellent condition


1 PVi6500 powered head w/ bluetooth

2 PVX12 passive speakers

2 speaker stands with bag

2 20 ft speaker cables 

2 50 ft speaker cables


Peavey SP12M Monitors

Very good condition

Buy all six for $1200.00

Pair for $450.00

no singles.



115 scoops loaded with new Eminence Kappa Pro LF speakers

1200 watts at 8ohms

Easy to move, tiltback casters.

Wired for Speakon connectors.

$500.00 (Pair)

Mic case (soft sided)

Holds 6 mics plus cables


Peavey PVXp10DSP

Self powered 10" x 1" horn

Digital Signal Processing 

Use as mains or monitors

$349.99 each